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Q: Can a foreigner attend the class? 

Ans: Yes. Our classes are open to all regardless of which nation you are from. Currently we have about 35% of our students from overseas such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, India etc... 


Q: I am a new learner and looking for a course that can help me pick up multiple skills in floristry and hope I can work or start my own florist business.

Ans: We have a few programmes that are specifically designed for new learners and allow them to learn from beginner to advanced level. Besides, our school also teach students about business startup on Online Florist Business and also teaches you about SEO/SEM/Google Ranking to help your business grow. 


Q: Is your class schedule flexible or is fixed? 

Ans:   Existing classes are now on 'Individual' basis. Meaning students can select their own class slot to attend a class. In the case that a student cannot make it, he/she needs to change the class slot date online.

Last batch of New intake in year 2019 will start on 24th Oct 2019 (Morning classes).  Please follow link from home page for new group intake to book and reserve your slot.


Q: Do you give contacts of supplier to student? 

Ans: Yes. You can approach our trainers and they are happy to share with you. You are free to contact them for future purchase when you plan to start you florist business.


Q: Can I come for revision after my course? 

Ans: Yes. Learning is no ending and practice make perfect!. We encourage our student to do their revision and they are free to use our classroom for revision (only pay for material and subject to space availability). 


Q: I am foreigner and do you provide student VISA?

Ans: I am sorry...we are still working hard on this. So far no Floral School in Singapore can issue Student Pass for floral course. However, as our lessons plan are designed in a flexible way, most foreign student can complete their course during their 28 days stay in Singapore. If you need a VISA to enter Singapore, once you enrolled our course, we will send you an Official Letter or Letter of Confirmation for you to apply Tourist Visit to come to Singapore.


Q: I am foreigner and do you provide student sponsorship?


Ans: Yes. But not for all courses. Please contact us directly if you need a Sponsorship.

(Sponsorship is in various way such as Accommodation, Course Fee, Material etc and subject to approval)


Q: Do I get a certificate after my completion?

Ans: Yes. We will issue Certificate of Attendance to all students who have COMPLETED the course within the given course DURATION. For those who have attended the Exam or Assessment and Pass, you will also be award you with another endorsement Certificate of Completion and Course Transcript that is International Recognise.  


Q: Can I pay for installment?

Ans: Yes. We do allow no interest installment payment but depend on the type and duration of the course. 


Q: If I cannot complete the course within the given duration, am I still able to continue the class? 

Ans: Yes. But you need to inform the school and apply for an course extension (before expiry date) or there will be a fee to pay. 


Q: Do you offer job referral or help student find job after they complete the course?

Ans: Yes. Student who have completed the Certificate course will be given priority and we usually post the job offer posting in the student website and you are free to contact the florist or hotel directly. So far our students have stand high chance of getting job after their completion. Especially those from the Integrated Floristry Course. 


Q: What does the Integrated Certificate Course cover?  

Ans: The new RiFA Integrated Floristry Certificate Course is a special designed programme that cover from foundation skill, to commercial design, advanced as well as Wedding module. It also cover business startup module such as Setting up an online florist business, how to manage online cart, online marketing (SEO/Google Ranking). 


Q: Is there any government grant for local citizen? 

Ans: Yes. Our school is a SkillsFuture Approved school and our Basic Florist Course is an approved programme and you are able to use your SkillsFuture Credit Grant to offset you see. 


Q: My English not so good, Do the teacher speak and teach different language? 

Ans: Yes. Our teacher also teach in various language such as Chinese, Malay. 


Q: Do you have night class or weekend class?  

Ans: Yes. Our evening class start from 6.30pm to 930pm for Wed and Fri. Our weekend class is on Sat at 11am. 


Q: I have some experience from other school/ Workplace, can I skip some of your class and go direct to the Advanced Level?  

Ans: Yes. You may. But you will need to show us some document and photos of your work and you might be ask to demonstrate during the interview to determine your skills level. 


Q: Beside the daily class, do you school bring student out for project or floral work?  

Ans: Yes. As we believe in continuation and experimental learning, during the course or even after completion, if our school has any project or floral work, we will invite student to join to gain more and learn more from project. Some projects are volunteer some are paid. If the project are commercial work, student helping out will also be paid or given some allowance or token.  


We are sorry if you still can't find your answer.

Simply drop us a mail at and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. 

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