Hear from our customers, our student, our partners and our floristry friends. 

(Comments and reviews posted here were received via our facebook page, emails, our guest book, student feedback forms as well as our partner site LessonsGoWhere - LGW)  
Name: Cherly Wong
Country: Singapore
Type: Student of RiFA
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended: Basic Florist Course (SkillsFuture Programme)
I enjoy the curriculum and the teachers at RIFA. :)
Name: Jessica Koh
Country: Singapore
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2017-2018
Course Attended: Basic Florist Course
Highly recommended! Teachers in RiFA have alot of passion and patience. They have the most reasonable price for their courses. Good environment for learning as they have clean and cosy classroom. Graduated my first level of course with them and started my Integrated course now. Passionate Teachers build Passionate Florist!
Name: Soth Rachana
Country: Cambodia
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2014-2015
Course Attended: RiFA Professional Certificate Course
I'm Soth Rachana, from Cambodia and a Rifa student that have just graduated in professional floral arrangement.
Since i have started in Rifa I have learned a lot of new things more than I expected. All my teachers are really professional teacher that full of experiences, especially they always give me opportunities to join competitions and flower shows and also the chances that i could learn something difference from international designers too.
Finally I would like to say thank you to Rifa that gave me a great chance to study with great teachers ; to meet all my lovely classmats and joining with great team work. We always have fun and happiness.
Especially I would like to say thank you so much to all my teachers in Rifa that always encouragement persuasive take care and stand by my site.
Name: Ong Siew Chin
Country: Singapore
Type: Floral Jamming @ SGF
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended:  Floral Jamming @ SGF
Very fun session!
Not much coaching due to time constraint at SGF. However trainer and staff are helpful and session was fun. Even is a free class but there were very professional
Name: Jolynn Chong
Country:  Singapore
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2017
Course Attended: Flower Appreciation Class by LGW
It was a good learning experience.
I like the trainer Jenny. She is an experienced and nice mentor. A big thanks to her.
Name: Edith Allen 
Country: - 
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended: Floral Appreciation Workshop
"We had a very enjoyable flower arranging class with Jenny at RIFA. She made it relaxing and fun. Made a lovely arrangement that I could take home."
Name: Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
Country: Singapore
Type: Corporate Workshop
Year Attended:2016
Course Attended: Team Building Via Floral Art (Bouquet)
Comment/Review: Thanks to all RIFA team for making our team building so interesting and fun. 
KH Wang
Name: Alfred Goh
Country: Singapore
Type: Referral (referred his Brother-In-Law Peter Wang from Shanghai to learn in RiFA)
Year: 2018 
Course Attended: -  
Hi Bernard, thanks for your hospitality, guidance and taking good care of Peter. 
He learnt quite a fair bit from a different perspective. He is more motivated after this trip.
I think you guys did a fantastic job given all the company background, credential and qualifications. 
If I may suggest, it will be good to have some training guide or materials with the frameworks, outline, set objectives and target achievement at the end of the course. This is from a third party view if course as I am not specialize in floral industry.
It will also be good to get some accreditation and affiliation from the western region given RiFA unique positioning and background in SG.
Name: Pratik Bhandari
Country: India
Type: Student of RiFA
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended: RiFA Wedding Floral Design Course 

I was blessed that I have chosen the right school. I attended RiFA Wedding Floral Design Course in March 2018 and they also helped me set up my own wedding business in India. 

Most impressive is that beside learning in classroom, Teacher Bernard also flew all the way to China assist me and guided me in my purchasing of equipment, selection of material etc.

Was given a golden opportunity to be part of the RIFA Team in 2018 SGF to assist the top designer invited to the SGF and got to know many top floral master. 

Not just a school, but a school with passion of teaching! 

Thank you RIFA

Name: Mrs Nasreen Nahaboo
Country: Mauritius
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended: Advanced Floral Design Course
I have spent 2 weeks at RIFA and I can say it's a pleasant environment to learn flower arrangement.
A big thanks to all the team.
Source: RIFA Facebook - Recommend
Name: Joyce Chow
Country: Singapore
Type: Student from LGW
Year Attended: 2017
Course Attended: Basic Course
Miss Jenny is very nice and patient. She taught me about the flower type and also the arrangement. A nice experience for beginner ! :)
Name: Peter Wang汪玉群
Country:上海, 中国 China
Course: Designer Certificate Course
Year Attended: 2018
Comment/Review: 在莱富思国际花艺学院的学习过程中让我留下了难忘的回忆!教学的方式以及老师毫无保留的分享让我对这个学院充满了感激之情!
Name: Lai Ming Yu & Friends
Country: Hong Kong/Macau
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended:  Floral Jamming
Comment/Review: Thank you RIFA for organising such an educational class for us. 
Lessons was very interesting and lots of learning. Teacher was very professional. But place was a bit small.
Thank you all teachers in RIFA! 
Name: - 
Country: Singapore
Type: Student
Year Attended: 2018
Course Attended: Floral Jamming
Comment/Review: We love it so much. Thank you Rifa for the class. It is so interesting and so much fun.
Name: Urban Meadow Flower
Country: Singapore
Type: Florist
Comment/Review: Thank you again for your support. You're introduced us to some wonderful staff, which has allowed us to futher succeed and grow the Urban Meadow family.
From Mark & Simon (Founder and Owner of Online Florist - Urban Meadow Flower.

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