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"A thing of beauty, it has been said, is a joy forever. The natural beauty of a flower can neither be replicated not compared; it can certainly be enhanced
by a thoughtful elegant flower arrangement, skillfully sculptured by
a pair of deft hands. It takes intimate knowledge which blossoms from
a wealth of fertile experience for one to cultivate such a pair of skillful hands.
Thus it is with this budding passion that the concept for RIFA was planted."
The Story of RiFA:
Raffles International Floristry Academy
RIFA Floriculture & Project Pte. Ltd &
RiFA Agriculture Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Raffles International Floristry Academy ("RiFA" in short) was founded in 2012
A floral and floriculture design school cr
eated to nurture individual
with a passion for flori
stry and floriculture.
Trainers guide their students to develop their knowledge and concept of  flowers, buds and leaves.
By enabling and empowering them to create masterpieces of their own by emulating and not copy.

RiFA Floriculture & Project Pte Ltd was set up in 2020
to focus on landscape, projects & floriculture related services.
From festive & event decors, plant rental to plant sales, green wall installation and wedding decors.

In 2021, RiFA roots extended into Malaysia and focus in Nursery and growing of
plants and flower to support our industry as a supplier.
RiFA Agriculture Sdn Bhd also extending its roots to sustainable Farming business.

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